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Understanding your Child


We believe ALL children are special. But we understand that some children have special needs and require extra care and management.


If you have a child with special needs, we want you to know that Dr. Melissa and her team are committed and trained to providing that extra care. We can offer some effective strategies to help prepare your child for his or her dental visit, reduce anxiety and help your child feel more comfortable. We also offer various comfort management options to reduce anxiety such as local anesthetics, nitrous oxide, and mild oral sedation.


At Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry, we make sure that we allow enough time for patients with special needs and explain to them at their level of understanding how to care for their teeth. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your special needs child’s dental visit.

Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry,  Melissa McHenry DDS, MSD

55 Brendon Way, Suite 500  - Zionsville, IN 46077